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Higher Greetings Cards – See You at the Next Cannabis Industry Event!

What comes first the chicken or the egg? The idea or the business model? The creative genius or the business savvy?

For Higher Greetings Cards, we started with an incredible idea that was nurtured with creative juices (and a little THC) to fill a pretty cool niche. That founding was followed in short order with Phase 2, when these creative pioneers were joined by team members with extensive marketing and business chops to make sure the creative breakthrough would be shared even farther and wider.

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Wholesale greeting cards

Our Business Model

Every company needs a bit of business discipline, no matter how cool the product or the vibe is. We’ve chosen to primarily distribute High Times cards through dispensaries, and we encourage our customers to find our cards there. If that’s not possible they can purchase cards from us online too. 

Meet High Time Cards

All About Higher Greetings Cards

For those not familiar with our product, we sell what on first glance appear to be a selection of large, traditional greeting cards. But there are some major differences.

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